Your insurance company has a team of adjusters who represent its interests, so make sure you have someone qualified representing your interest. What is it about Insurance Adjusters Group that makes us qualified to handle your insurance claim?

·    10 years of claims adjusting experience
·    Licensed and Bonded
·    Insured
·    AIC - Associate in Claims
·    AINS - Associate in General Insurance
·    SPPA - Senior Professional Public Adjuster
·    HAAG Engineering - Residential & Commercial Roofing certified
·    Civil Mediation Training from the University of Missouri Law School
·    National Association of Insurance Umpires
·    Wind Certified Appraiser & Umpire

We are:

  • Experienced to Expedite Your Claim: As an insurance claims adjuster with years of experience in the industry, we know every trick in the book that insurance companies will use just to get away with not having to pay what you are fully entitled to or to draw out the claims process! This experience allows us to help you get the maximum amount for your claim and settle your claim quickly often while avoiding litigation.
  • Dedicated to Your Interests: We understand that individuals often have a difficult time understanding policy coverage, especially if the information comes from an insurance claims adjuster that your insurance company has hired to investigate your claim. Therefore, the whole process can be so overwhelming that you might be tempted to settle for less and jump at the initial offer your insurance company makes. As your hired insurance claims adjuster, we can assure you that we will thoroughly investigate and analyze your claim so that you can get the most out of your insurance policy.
  • Educated on the Insurance Claims Process: Aside from the documentation process, we also help you understand your policy and its coverage, as well as advise you on what your best options are. We not only have a thorough understanding of the process, but can help you understand as well.
  • Committed to Maximizing Your Claim: Most people rely on their insurance policy to protect them through the worst of times, but when faced with a claim that will cost them a lot of money, most insurance companies are not very willing to pay. As your insurance claims adjuster, we will do everything we can to maximize your claim and help you get a settlement offer that is higher than what your insurance company would give if you filed the claim on your own.

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