Because we've been helping policyholders for many years, we like to say that there isn't any insurance claim types that Insurance Adjusters Group hasn't seen. Yet every property claim has its own story and circumstances and must be treated on an individual basis in order to reach a fair settlement. Our experience with different types of property insurance claims and the intricacies of insurance policies allows us to help both residential and commercial policyholders with a full range of public adjuster services. Some of those services include:

Commercial Insurance Claims
Industrial Insurance Claims
Agribusiness Insurance Claims
Government Insurance Claims
Fire Insurance Claims
Water Insurance Claims
Storm Insurance Claims
Lightning Insurance Claims
Marine Insurance Claims
Aircraft Insurance Claims
Residential Insurance Claims


The process of filing any insurance claim types can be daunting and overwhelming. Especially to those who have never before suffered major property damage. Insurance Adjusters Group has years of experience in successfully advocating for policyholders. We will handle all the details that are involved in submitting your insurance claim, down to the final settlement with your insurance company. With our team of experts working for you, you can be confident that you will receive the full settlement that you are entitled to under the terms of your policy.