lightning insurance claim

Lightning Insurance Claims

Lightning strikes may be direct or indirect and damages can be difficult to prove  as there may not be visible signs of the lightning strike.
Adjusting lightning insurance claims are different from other types of losses, special attention and expertise must be brought to these claims.
Usually the resulting damage is far more significant than one initially believes, possibly leading to temporary loss of use for the homeowner or significant loss of revenue for businesses.
The primary challenge in assessing and measuring the scope of damage from any electrical loss is first to determine the scope of damage to the property.  Building, contents, equipment are not all covered equally. If you try to handle a lightning insurance claim without experience and expertise in lightning claims you will probably find your claim value significantly reduced or denied outright.
After first investigating your lightning loss, Insurance Adjusters Group will advise you on the most effective and accurate way to assess and document your lightning loss, including advice on whether the use of outside experts is warranted and necessary.