Commercial Property Claims

 Commercial Insurance Claim

You know your business better than anyone. Following a major loss is a critical time to focus that knowledge on maintaining your operations and making vital business recovery decisions instead of learning the ins-and-outs of the commercial insurance claims process.  The recovery of your business rests on the success of your commercial insurance claim.

Insurance Adjusters Group allows you to focus completely on your business, while we focus on your commerical insurance claim.

Insurance companies typically have their most experienced claims adjusters working on commercial claims because they can be so complex. Your first reaction is to notify the broker and/or risk manager that a claim has occurred. But they are not adjusters and someone still has to deal with the many details involved in actually adjusting and documenting the damage, whether it's dealing with the Insurance Company Adjuster, engineer or a host of people they will bring in to advocate for them against you.


Business Interruption

Business Interruption insurance coverage is often viewed as the most difficult coverage to adjust. It is tied to a loss at a physical insured location (a building or buildings) and involves determining a dollar amount of earnings of a business including continuing expenses that did not occur because of the loss and extra expenses incurred dealing with the loss.

This calculation is not black and white. Ask yourself

  • Do you have to cease operations during repairs?
  • Can you stay in operation at the business location?
  • Can you move your operation to another location while repairs are being made?
  • Does the merchandise require salvage or replacement?


We work closely with your financial staff to develop the cost for the interruption along with the income trend to best estimate the complete cost of your business interruption.