Insurance Appraisal

As a preeminent public adjusting firm, Insurance Adjusters Group offers related services beyond adjusting such as Insurance Appraisal. We are frequently called upon to use our claims knowledge and act as appraisers and umpires in difficult claim disputes working to fairly settle the claim .

When policyholders and insurance companies have a disagreement regarding the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property, it can be quite frustrating. You don't have to settle for the amount offered by the insurance company.

One way for policyholders to dispute their insurance company’s offer is to invoke the appraisal clause within the insurance policy.  When conducted properly, appraisal can be a very effective alternative dispute resolution process.

Most policies contain an Insurance Appraisal clause that allows each side to choose their own appraiser and a common umpire.


How an appraisal process works.

  • You or the Insurance Company demands an Insurance Appraisal
  • You pick your appraiser and the insurance company picks their appraiser
  • Both appraisers work together to pick an umpire
  • Both appraisers negotiate through all the pricing and scope issues
  • If there are any pricing or scope issues that the appraisers can't agree on, then the umpire decides


You, the policyholder, pay for the cost of your appraiser and one-half the cost of the umpire, if an umpire is needed.
The insurance company would pay for the cost of its own appraiser and the other half of the umpire’s fee.
Make sure you choose a WIND Certified Appraiser or a WIND Certified Umpire,