A government insurance claim can be very complex due to the magnitude of the work involved.

Municipal insurance is designed to meet the needs of the public sector. The agencies and groups in charge of these buildings are committed to public service and the welfare of local communities. Property insurance claims relating to government buildings can leave city, county, state, and other local officials confused and also severely interrupt their operations. A governmental entity’s claims can involve property damage, lost revenue, decreased tax revenue, damaged fixtures, and other business claims.

Following a disaster or severe weather event, governmental agencies can face extensive repairs and disruption of their facility’s operations, leaving the public in limbo. Any interruption, closure, or shutdown of a government building can harm relations with the citizens relying on the entity.

School districts can be particularly hard hit by a natural disaster or other insured loss.  Our team has experience taking on the challenges of representing a governmental entity with multiple buildings, as well as the logistical challenges inherent in the representation of a public entity.

Government Building Property Damage Can Affect:

  • Counties
  • Local Authorities
  • Town, Parish & Community Councils
  • Police
  • Firefighters
  • Social Housing
  • Municipalities
  • School Districts
  • Other Government Entities

The work involved in a government insurance claim is detail oriented, extensive, expert-intensive, and can be expensive. A professional public adjuster can significantly reduce the claims process time while ensuring that claim is fully paid. Bringing in a Public Adjuster on the front end of a government insurance claim relieves the burden from the staff and lets them get back to what they do best.