Industrial Insurance Claim

Have you suffered industrial property damage? Insurance Adjusters Group will deal with the complicated process concerning your industrial insurance claim to obtain the best possible result for you.

Industrial insurance claims involve not only property loss, but often time’s very sensitive equipment. Time is of utmost importance in documenting an industrial loss as multiple factors can affect the evaluation of the damages. There are damages to the building, equipment and inventory that may be affected by water, acid or smoke.
There can be insurance coverage to help keep your customers satisfied so they continue as your customers.
We provide comprehensive reports detailing the loss. There is a lot of red tape with the insurance company and your policy. Insurance Adjusters Group can help to navigate this process with any industrial insurance claim.

At Insurance Adjusters Group, we understand and respect that the main concern of both owners and managers is getting the business and its’ productions up and running again. We do not expect the owners of the industrial company to have the time or skills necessary to handle the complexities that arise during the claim process. With such businesses, there are usually a multitude of endorsements attached to the business’ insurance policy. Each of these addendums must be reviewed and accurately interpreted to make certain the insured is sufficiently compensated.