Why Use A Public Adjuster

  1. The reason one should use a Public Adjuster is because the insurance company employs its adjusters and other experts to represent its interests. Only a licensed public insurance claims adjuster or an attorney can represent your interests. Without the use of a Public Adjuster, your position, and ultimately your settlement, could be seriously compromised.
  2. We understand policy coverage, limitations, extensions of coverage and exclusions. The additional coverage we can identify and collect for can be substantial.
  3. We make sure your interests are protected at all times and that you comply with the many requirements under the policy.
  4. We prepare all appraisals, inventories and loss of income claims which are necessary for you to collect from your insurance company.
  5. We handle all communications and coordination of all aspects of your claim with your insurance company. You are kept thoroughly informed of all developments and only you can approve the settlement amount.
  6. We utilize our adjusters, building consultants, inventory specialists and certified public accountants to handle all aspects of your claim. You pay us only when you collect from your insurance company.
  7. We relieve you of the time-consuming and burdensome process of the claim adjustment process thereby allowing you to devote your time and energy to getting back to normalcy.
  8. We assure that you receive all monies you are entitled to under policy conditions.
  9. Because we are trained in representing the policyholder , we know how to expedite the settlement of your claim so you receive payment much sooner than would otherwise be possible.
  10. Our fee is usually more than absorbed as a direct result of our involvement.